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Summit Ridge // Vision
Our Church currently owns 90 acres of prime Real Estate on Hwy 169 strategically positioned between Maple Valley and Black Diamond. Our property is made up of old Plum Creek Timber land covered in 25 year old Douglas Firs and it has 9 miles of single track trails. Our property is part of the larger Black Diamond trail system that is estimated to have 35 miles of trails. Many mountain bikers know this area as one of the premier biking trails in the Northwest.

The vision of Summit Ridge is to create an environment where our communities can connect with God, each other, and the natural environment of God’s creation. This can happen in so many ways at Summit Ridge, whether you're walking your dog, running the trails or mountain bike riding with your friends.

All about Community
We are grateful to organizations like the Friends of Rock Creek, Communities That Care, Plum Creek Timber, Friends of Cedar River, the local Mountain Bike community, Yarrow Bay, The Backcounty Horsemen and the City of Black Diamond for working with us to ensure that recreation and open space surround us as well as the entrance to Black Diamond. We are also surveying the recreational needs of the community to see how we can provide space for future sports and activities that help create a healthy community.
Our Values concerning our Future:

1. A Gift - Summit Ridge will benefit more than Real Life church; it will be a “Gift to our Community”.

2. Environment - We respect the environment as it is God’s creation given to us to enjoy and manage.

3. Cooperation - We desire to compliment the goals and vision of Black Diamond, Maple Valley and King County in providing “green” areas, community recreation, and responsible development.

4. A Tool - As a church, we see this property as a tool for us to be more of who we are. It provides an easy way to connect with people and for people to connect with God’s beauty. Our original vision was for a campus not just a church. The people, you and I, are the church and we will not make a building the “vision”. Bringing Jesus’ message of love, acceptance, forgiveness and salvation to our community is the vision of Real Life Church. That vision is still there even if we never build on the property.

5. Journey - Our “journey” took a shift in November of 2012. Our church merged with Covington Christian Fellowship who had a church home. So, the urgency for us to build has been postponed. This journey is about people who value God’s love for humanity, His creation, and His way of “doing life together”. The goal of building a place like this is not as important as how we live and participate in the journey. This project has connected us to fantastic people, organizations, and friendships. I’ve even made a few enemies, but it’s all a part of the journey.

6. Gratitude - We are extremely grateful to our Kent and Tahoma schools districts for renting us space on Sundays for church services for 14 years. These facilities allow us to gather weekly to celebrate what God is doing in our lives and to introduce people to the one who gave His life for us, Jesus. Now, we have brought Covington Christian Fellowship together with Real Life Church to form one church in the heart Covington and Maple Valley. We are also grateful you chose to read this set of values and we hope you’ll join us in some way in making a better world.

Will you join us on this journey?

Pastor Steve