STRATEGIC PARTNERS. Our strategic partners are ministries that we partner with to accomplish things that we can't do on our own. For more info on each of these, scroll to read more below.

The Storehouse (
Vine Maple Place (
Union Gospel Mission (
Young Life (
CareNet (
Rotary Clubs of Covington and Maple Valley (
Matsiko Choir & ICN (
Maple Valley Food Bank (

MISSIONS / Short Term
We currently have ongoing work in Ghana's Mo Tribe, the Quiché region of Guatemala, and Haiti. Our church has sent more than 2 dozen teams and hundreds of people to the mission field.

MISSIONS / Disaster Relief
We're always ready to respond to disasters around the nation and the world. We were quick to respond to NYC after 9/11, sending over 300 people in a 6 week period. We sent several teams to Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. We were also there after Hurricane Katrina, the Centralia Floods and more. We're heartbroken to hear of tragedy and disaster, but we believe that it provides an amazing opportunity for the church to respond with the love of Jesus.

For more information on missions, email