Taylor & Noelle Murray, Youth & LifeGroups Pastor
Email: taylor@reallifechurch.com
Facebook: facebook.com/theglobalcitizen
Twitter: twitter.com/taylormurray
Blog: taylormurray.me
Instagram: instagram.com/taylormurraymv

Taylor grew up at RLC and has been serving in youth ministry for years. He attended Portland Bible College, and in 2009 returned home with Noelle to serve the youth ministry after graduating with his BA in Theology/Youth Ministry. Taylor came on staff in 2010 and currently leads UNDIVIDED (youth) with an incredible team. In addition to youth, Taylor oversees LifeGroups for the church, as well as our Social Media and website. They live in Maple Valley with their daughter (Hayden) and dog (Gibby). Taylor loves black coffee, ultimate frisbee, devotions, metal music, happy hour, volkswagen and mowing the lawn.

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