MATSIKO kids are home from their 2019 tour and are excited to perform right here at their home church! We'll have a chance to see them sing, dance and share some of their incredible stories! You'll also have an opportunity to partner with them as they continue to fulfill their mission! Questions? Email

One of our primary Partner Ministries, MATSIKO & International Children's Network are doing incredible work around the world, bringing arts, education and the love of Jesus to orphans and their communities.


Complete these 3 steps and we will be in contact with you about hosting some amazing Matsiko Choir members!

Step 1: Read through the MATSIKO Hosting Info

Step 2: Fill out the Matsiko Host Family Application MATSIKO Host Family Application

Step 3: Have everyone in your household over 18y/o complete background check here

2019 HOST DATES AVAILABLE (you can choose when you fill out the application above)

Session #1 August 8th, 9th (2 nights)

Session #2 August 10th, 11th, 12th (3 nights)  

Session #3 August 13th, 14th, 15th (3 nights)

Session #4 August 19th (1 night)

Session #5 August 21st, 22nd, 23rd (3 nights)

Session #5A August 24th, 25th, 26th (3 nights)  

Session #6 August 27th, 28th, 29th (3 nights)

Session #7 August 30th, 31st & September 1st, 2nd (4 nights)

Session #8 September 3rd, 4th, 5th (3 nights)

Session #9 September 6th, 7th, 8th 9th (4 nights)


Scroll below for a list of FAQ's. For more info on host homes, email For more info on MATSIKO, visit


I've never hosted before. What's it like hosting a family?

Families always say the experience is much easier than they ever imagined. The leaders and children help with the dishes, clean up, and perform other household duties. Our goal is for you to experience the magic of the children without the lasting evidence of visitors in your home. We expect each house to be better off after the children and leaders leave.


Will dates & times ever change?

Although we provide you with a schedule for your time with Matsiko at the Host housing orientation, there is always a chance something will change. We may have a last-minute venue added, which provides an opportunity for us to reach even more people with MATSIKO’s message. It is important for us to take each of these opportunities, but we will communicate any changes to you as soon as possible.


Can we give the children gifts? 

The children love to receive gifts! And the team depends on gifts in many ways. However, due to space limitations and character development, we ask you to handle gift giving in the following ways: The best gift you can give the children you host is a Memory Page of their time spend with you. At the end of the tour, we put together a scrapbook for each child that is filled with their Memory Pages. Each page should be 8½ x 11 and can be given to an ICN staff member or sent to the ICN office at PO Box 7695, Covington, WA 98042. Please DO NOT put your last name, address, phone number, or email address on the page. Also, please do not make your own album or box of photos to send with the children. They are allowed a limited amount of luggage to take home, and they don’t have room for individual albums. 

If you would like to give a gift to a particular child, we ask that you work this out by speaking with the tour director and then sending it to the ICN office at the address listed above. We cannot have children keeping many gifts because of limited space while traveling. We also wish to prevent children competing for gifts or learning to “angle” for gifts. If the gifts are sent to ICN, the children don’t see other friends with gigfts and feel like they should have more gifts too.

You may give gifts to all of the children, so no child feels like they have been left out. Please speak to the tour director first, as it may be beneficial to send those gifts to the ICN office as well. Please see the “Wish List” below for ideas of gifts that can be made to the team to be used while traveling.


Will the children know how to operate simple household appliances?

At first, no. The children do not have showers and simple electrical appliances in their homes. Please take time to orient them in your home and surroundings. Things that are normal, everyday tasks for us are not for them.


Can we drink or smoke around the kids?

Due to severe abuses that many of the children have faced, we request that any alcohol or tobacco use be discreet or abstained from if at all possible while the children are present. The kids have been counseled on this, but the uncomfortable feelings that arise from abuse may linger with them.


Can the kids be around pets?

Absolutely! We do ask that your pets do not sleep in the same room as the children. Since the children are not used to animals, it is best for an adult to supervise the children and pets to make sure they can handle and care for the animals properly.


Can we help with laundry?

Yes! Please speak with the child chaperone to find out individual laundry needs.


Can we plan activities for the children?

You may plan activities for the children when they are with you in the events or on days off. Please remember to include the chaperone in your plans if they are staying with you. Our chaperones are volunteers, and they don’t have the resources to pay for activities done with host families. If you want to plan an activity for the whole choir, please speak to the tour director. We must balance school, play, and performances for the best interest of the children.


Can the children use computers or phones?

The children and chaperones know not to use any of these devices. This is important for the protection of your family, as well as for the Matsiko children and staff. We do allow the children and chaperones to use computers and phones to communicate with their families or orphanages, but this is done only under ICN supervision on ICN computers and phones.


What about TV, video games, and movies?

These are great activities for families to do with the children. Unsupervised use should not be allowed. Please use the same guidelines as you would for your own impressionable young child.


Can the children be left unattended?

Children may be left unattended if there is an ICN leader present and the host family approves.


Can we write to the children?

If you would like to write to the children/staff members you hosted, send it to the ICN office, and we will make every effort to get the letters to them on the road. Please do not include address, email, or phone number. If you would like a letter in return, include a stamped self-addressed envelope. 

Wish List

•Donations to ICN/Matsiko - to be used at the discretion of ICN for most needed expenses

•Gift Cards that can be used for gas, food, medicine, and other needs to help offset the cost of transporting and caring for the children. (Walmart, Little Caesar’s, Target, CBS, Shell, etc.)

•Clothing to replace out-of-season items for those traveling – speak to the tour director to find out specific needs.

•Toiletries: Soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, loofah sponges, Chap-stick, Vaseline, lotion, pony tail holders, head wraps, hair brushes/picks.

•First Aid items: child & adult Tylenol/Ibuprofen & cold medication, skin & foot care medication, first aid items

•Personal care items: female pads, night time pull ups, razors

•Other items: bottled water, travel snacks, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, underwear & socks (child / adult sizes)

•Cash donations for needs such as cleaning costumes, medical attention, vehicle maintenance, occasional entertainment (Disneyland, museums, parks, etc.), lodging when host housing is not available, etc.

•Our US staff members and chaperones are all volunteers who have taken a year off of school or work to care for the children’s daily needs. Gift cards for their personal use would be appreciated. You may also provide monthly support for their traveling expenses.