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The storehouse

Known in our community as Covington’s food bank, The Storehouse is a ministry that began as a response to a growing need in the Covington area. Though it’s operated out of Real Life Church, it thrives through a partnership of over a dozen churches in our area.

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Walkup services are provided on Mondays from 4 to 6PM, Fridays from 10AM to 12PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 11AM. On a bi-weekly basis, Covington residents can come and shop for food. ID is required for each family member.​

Volunteers can glean fresh produce, pack boxes, and connect with the families in our community.

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Visit the storehouse


The Storehouse has teamed up with Covington Rotary for the Backpack Buddy weekend feeding program for school kids who depend on school meals during the week. Covington Rotary supplies the backpacks and most of the food, and the Storehouse provides volunteers, a storage area and the facilities to pack the packs, which are delivered to the school in time for the children to pick up before departure on Friday.

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Each year, we partner with businesses, organizations and services from all over our community to create a fun day for the whole family!

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