hope grows here

We've all been affected by the COVID-19 crisis in one way or another.

Our goal as a church is to spread hope during this time instead of adding to the fear. 

Below you'll find a list of ways that you can stay connected to hope in the midst of this unsettling time

along with various resources to help meet any needs you may have.

Don't see what you're searching for? 

Contact us at office@reallifechurch.com or call 253-631-4163

ways to stay connected

While many of our normal ways of doing things have been affected, we can still be connected with one another during this time, which is vital to our mental health.

Attend a Sunday service - our in person services are setup to meet all of the current social distancing and safety requirements. This is a great way to have ongoing human connection in a safe and responsible way.

Tune into an online service - if you're not comfortable being in person yet, our online services are a great way to maintain a spiritual rhythm and connect with people virtually. You can receive prayer, talk with a pastor, learn about resources, and more during our online services.

Schedule a call with a Pastor - our pastors and staff are still available to you even if you can't see them in person! If you're struggling and need to talk with a pastor, just call our offices at 253-631-4163 and we will setup an appointment for you. This can be done via phone call or Zoom if you prefer a "face to face" conversation.

Download our church app - we are adding free resources each week for you and your family including reading plans, guided affirmations, services registration, kids content, podcasts, and more. This is also the best way to get real time updates on any changes.

Go beyond yourself - Volunteer in our community garden or at The Storehouse. Having a sense of meaning and purpose comes when we invest ourselves into something bigger than ourselves. These are two volunteer opportunities that can be done in a safe way. We also have community service opportunities in areas around the church. To get more information, email office@reallifechurch.com.

mental health resources

If you've been struggling mentally or emotionally during this time, you're not alone. This year has take a toll on all of us one way or another and sometimes we just need someone to act as a tour guide to help us navigate the challenges in front of us. 

Chat with a Pastor - Are you having a difficult time and just need a listening ear and someone to pray with you? You can chat with one of our Pastors via our texting platform. Just text 253.465.7500 and someone will respond ASAP! 

Counseling Referrals - We're thankful to be partners with several amazing counselors in the area who give discounted pricing to members of Real Life Church. To recieve a referral, please email office@reallifechurch.com or call our office at 253-631-4163.

Coaching Services - Considering a job change or feel like you've hit a wall personally? We are now offering coaching services via our partnership with Joe Macias, owner of Ripple Effect Coaching, LLC! This is a free service available to members of Real Life Church with a specified time frame. Click here for all the info on the program. Fill out the intake form here to get started.

Addition RecoveryAre you struggling with addiction? We can connect you with meetings in our local area such as AA, Celebrate recovery, Al-Anon and more. Referrals for treatment centers are available to you by calling the church office at 253-631-4163.

additional resources

It's important to ask for help and utilize available resources whenever they're needed. We all have faced challenges during this time and we're thankful for these resources that we are able to share with you!

Prayer Requests - if you need someone to come alongside you or your family in prayer, our team would love to reach out to you. No matter the restrictions, prayer can transcend every circumstance. Connect with our prayer team by texting PRAYER to 253-465-7500.

Food Assistance Walk-Ups - one of our partner ministries, The Storehouse, provides food boxes each week to Covington residents. Walkup services are provided on Mondays from 4 to 6PM, Fridays from 10AM to 12PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 11AM. On a bi-weekly basis, Covington residents can come and shop for food. ID is required for each family member. Email info@covingtonstorehouse.org to request a food box.

HELPR - a platform that is connecting resources from around the community to those who need help. If you need assistance due to the crisis or you are eager to help, but don’t know how, this is a great place to start! To get help with a need or volunteer, fill out this short form.