Summit Ridge is a 90-acre piece of land off of SR169, situated between Black Diamond and Maple Valley. We purchased this land in 2006 as an investment for our future. While the land was originally purchased with the intent to build a church and ministry facilities - a gift to our community - God mixed some things up, and in the best way.

While walking the property, our team noticed some mountain bike trails and jumps that had been built, causing "damage" to our property and presenting a risk. So, we did what any property owner would do - we tore them down. We went back-and-forth with the mountain biking community. We wanted our property protected, and they wanted to be able to ride. This battle continued until a member of our team realized that we'd been looking at it all wrong. We knew that our goal from the start was to be a gift to our community. But instead of being a gift to a large piece of our community, we were causing division.


So, we began what would become an amazing relationship and partnership. Working with the Evergreen Mountain Bike Association and local riders, we've been able to build some of the premier jumps, courses and trails in King County, now known regionally as Summit Ridge Freeride Park. Riders from around our community and the Northwest come to ride our trails. And the best part is that the riders and trail builders maintain the park, pick up trash and steward the land. Summit Ridge truly has become a gift to our community.

No matter what happens with the use of the land, our hope is that Summit Ridge and Real Life Church are always a gift to our community.

Check out some videos to see more of our story and what Summit Ridge has to offer.