easter jam

You don’t have to skip an Easter experience with your family this year! Easter Jam is a digital experience including engaging games, uplifting music, creative storytelling, and follow up discussion questions every family member will enjoy. Easter Jam is an experience BIG enough for your whole family—yep, from preschool to high school, diapers to dirty socks.


Download this guide to get ready for Easter Jam, some supplies needed (don't worry, you might already have them)(all downloads below)

Easter is always better with friends, so follow our Faceboook or Instragram and share some posts with family and friends to join, no matter where they are.

Neighborhood egg hunt

Even though we can't get together, we can still work together to create an amazing Easter experience with our neighbors and spread some Joy! 

Click here or the picture to download some printable eggs. Paint, marker, or maybe even papier-mâché your Easter egg(s) and put them on your door or in a window for your neighbors to see. Then go out on your own hunt and see how many eggs you can find in your neighborhood! 

Invite your friends and neighbors to join along in the hunt! 

If you need printed eggs, check above for info on how to get an Easter Kit.

Another great activity is Chalk Your Walk. It's easy, just grab some chalk and write out Happy Easter, a hello to your neighbors, a thank you to those going to work still, or any great thought for somebody going by! Anytime is a good time to spread some Joy.