Our vision for 2019 is to MAKE ROOM.

We're not just making room for ourselves, but for names we've never heard and faces we've never seen. And one of the best ways to make room is with our Generosity. Our church has been built on the faithful generosity of people for years, and we believe that as we remain faithful, what we have seen so far will seem so small in comparison to the days ahead of us!

When you give, not only will the money help further God's Kingdom locally and beyond, but you can be confident that it will be stewarded with integrity, wisdom and accountability. Learn more about giving in our FAQ's below.



To give online click here. If you've never used PushPay, don't worry. It only takes a minute to sign up and you're good to go every time you log in (no more re-entering your info)! 


Download the app here (or by searching for PushPay in your iPhone or Android's app store). Once you've downloaded the app, you should see a list of nearby churches you can donate to. If you don't see Real Life Church on that list, simply click the search function and type “Real Life Church” into the search bar.  Select Real Life Church and then click the star to favorite Real Life Church for future use. From there you can set your profile, set up recurring giving or give one time and more.


As always, you can give in-person at church via cash, card or check. You can also give via our PushPay Giving Kiosk (located in the lobby).

If you have any questions about anything giving-related, please email    


Why use an app? I prefer to give on Sundays via check/cash. Is that still okay?

Yes, you can always give on Sundays via check or cash during the giving portion of our service.

I liked the old online giving platform. Is that still available?

Our goal is to make it as simple and easy as possible to partner financially with RLC. We think you'll find that PushPay is much easier and faster for you. Our old, time-consuming method is no longer available. 

Can I set up recurring giving?

You can set up recurring gifts easily! Simply visit Once you've created an account (takes about a minute), you can set up and customize your recurring gifts! You can also do this using the PushPay app.

Can I give with my smartphone?

Yes. Simply search PushPay in your app store. Once downloaded, you can log in or create a new account via the app. Once you're logged in, search Real Life Church. You can manage your recurring payments on the app as well! 

Is it safe to give online?

Yes. PushPay is widely used by churches and is very safe. Your information is password-protected, as well as encrypted with PushPay's advanced security measures. 

How does RLC handle money?

We believe that everything we do carries significance, so the money given to forward the mission is important. Our finances (including our yearly budget, salaries and expenses) are managed by our Business Board. Comprised of elders, business people and accountants from various places within our community, our board handles all of our finances with wisdom, integrity and care. We use the Handbook for Church & Clergy Salaries as a guide for our salaries for our Pastors. Our budgets and major decisions are finalized by the Business Board before being approved by our elders.

Why is givng so important?

At RLC, we're all about living generously, because Jesus did. We're also about being good stewards over what God has given us. We believe that giving and tithing is a way to worship God, who has provided us with everything that we have. Our giving is simply a response to the goodness of God!

If you have any questions about PushPay or anything giving-related, please email