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*SAMPLE* WEEK 1 RECAP  |  LIKE A CHILD   |  12.22.2019

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Key Scriptures: Luke 18:16-17

Today Pastor Steve talked about being like a child. Jesus said that unless we're like children, we'll be unable to inherit the Kingdom of God. We often slip into thinking that this simply and only means "go to heaven" - but Jesus was really revealing what it takes for us to SEE life, people, circumstances as God does.  As adults, we tend to grow out of things that we were never meant to. But kids have the ability to live in a different realm - one that transcends the struggles, worries and issues of the day. 

Big Thoughts about CHILDREN:

1. They're HUMBLE.

This is taking a posture of curiosity - asking, seeking, knocking. When on a playground, they just want to play and have fun. In the "playground" of life / work / family, let's take the posture that understands that everyone has value, something to give and something to learn.

2. They TRUST.

This is a state of being. Like kids, let's live in a state of trust, even when we don't have the whole picture. Because after all, God is able.

3. They IMAGINE.

Imagining brings you into the Kingdom. When we identify an issue, we have the opportunity to imagine what could be - how we could help / heal / add value. When we stop imagining, we stop seeing the Kingdom.  


1. Think back to when you were a child. What is one thing you remember being in awe of or amazed by?

2. Take a moment and reflect on your life: family, work, blessings, friendships, etc. What's something that is worthy of wonder, that perhaps you've ignored or forgotten about?

3. How can you bring a childlike wonder and curiosity into your week, and into the holiday season?

4. Where do you need to trust God in this season?

5. Sometimes imagining is a step in response to God, saying that we trust him. Identify a problem in the world, or in your life, and imagine with your group how God could use you to bring in His Kingdom.  

Hope these help! As always, please be sure to let us know if you need any help with your group, the CCB App, etc!  Have a great week!  -Taylor 


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Do I have to take attendance?
Yes. We ask that you record attendance every time. It only takes a moment, and will help us to better know how our groups are doing and measure the health of our congregation. We recommend tracking attendance after you meet.

What if I cancel or reschedule a group one week?

Go to take attendance and select "Did not meet" - or just send us a note! If you're simply moving to a different night in the same week, take attendance and leave a note that it was a different night.

How to I take attendance?
Once you've downloaded the LEAD App, open the "Groups" tab. Select your group (you can also search for it). Once you've selected your group, you'll see several tabs (Attendance, Calendar, Members, etc). Select the "Attendance" tab. Then you will see the "event" you're trying to track attendance for. Select those who were there (you can also add in the notes any people who attendance who may not have signed up).

*See the video above for step-by-step instructions.

What if someone attending isn't in our database (i.e. a neighbor, someone who's never been on a Sunday)?

When taking attendance, add their name & info in the notes.

How do I download the LEAD App?

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