Every Sunday, we’ll update this section with a recap of the week's episode of The Chosen, including some discussion questions for your group!

The Chosen is completely FREE and requires no subscription. All you need is WiFi and a Smart TV or device (AppleTV, ROKU, FireTV stick or a laptop)!

Depending on your home or your devices, you may choose to stream it or to watch it on DVD. For instructions on how to watch Season One, click the button below. For a DVD, just reach out to olga@reallifechurch.com.




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Questions for Discussion:


1. This week's questions are listed above in the end of the Sermon Recap.


Do I have to take attendance?

Yes. We ask that you record attendance every time. It only takes a moment, and will help us to better know how our groups are doing and measure the health of our congregation. We recommend tracking attendance after you meet.*while in COVID, this is not necessary*

How do I take attendance?

Once you’ve downloaded the LEAD App, open the “Groups” tab. Select your group (you can also search for it). Once you’ve selected your group, you’ll see several tabs (Attendance, Calendar, Members, etc).

Select the “Attendance” tab. Then you will see the “event” you’re trying to track attendance for.

Select those who were there (you can also add in the notes any people who attendance who may not have signed up).

Worried about forgetting? Don’t fret! You’ll get an email following each time you meet, reminding you to track your attendance, even giving you a direct link to do it right there from your phone!

*See the video above for step-by-step instructions.

What if I cancel or reschedule a group one week?

Go to take attendance and select “Did not meet” - or just send us a note! If you’re simply moving to a different night in the same week, take attendance and leave a note that it was a different night.

What if someone attending isn’t in our database?

When taking attendance, add their name & info in the notes.

How do I download the LEAD App?

From your phone’s app store, search “LEAD APP.” Or, download them below.