Going forward we'll be hosting our service via YouTube & Facebook LIVE. We're encouraging small group meetups to watch together online. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media for the most current updates.

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From food distribution with our partnership with The Storehouse to prayer to outreach opportunities, our goal is to meet the needs of those around us. If you or someone you know has a need, or if you'd like to get involved, please reach out to our staff via, or call 253.631.4163.


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During this time, the need for the faithful generosity of our church family has remained. Let's do what we can, with wisdom, to continue to tithe, give and serve. With it we will not only keep our church running, but we will increase our mandate to serve and meet the needs of those in and beyond our community.


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We've got your kids covered over the next few weeks with Online Bible Stories, God Time Kits, devotions, videos and more.
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Scroll down for updates on Corona Virus and our plans for response in the coming days.


Stay tuned here for updates on Corona Virus

Below is a letter from Pastor Steve to our Church Family

Dear Real Life Church Family,  

I want to take a moment to share with you how we are responding to COVID-19. Through prayer, talking with our staff, and conversations with local pastors, we are choosing to replace our regular services with Facebook Live experiences through March ( We will go live this Sunday at 10am. This is a great way to stay connected and grow spiritually, but also to reach out to our community. 

As our normal rhythm shifts day-to-day, we’re deploying our staff with new duties in order to keep doing what we’re here to do: connect people in and beyond our church to the realness of God. Let’s remember that the church is not a building – it’s people. What you and I bring to the table is vital. Regardless of your current involvement, let’s engage like never before to strengthen our community during this time. Now is the time for the people of Jesus to shine bright like never before. Jesus told us, “You are the light of the world”.    


1. Remember the Vulnerable. Whether they’re a neighbor or in your LifeGroup, check on them! Care for them however you can and help them get connected to our online content so that they can stay connected.   

2. Lead with Hope. With our language, our social media posts – portray a spirit of hope, not of fear. Encourage, offer to pray, and bring peace wherever you go. Challenges bring us together, and we know that “this too shall pass”, but those we encounter may not know this. So let’s keep a hopeful & helpful disposition.   

3. Lean-In to Relationships. In your teams, your friendships and your LifeGroups, your sphere now has an even bigger cause and will be the catalyst to keep our community connected and growing during this time.   

4. Stay Connected. Daily through our APP & Social Media, we’ll be adding videos, devotions, prayers, podcasts and more to help add to your devotions, small group conversations and sharing with friends. 

5. Stay Generous. More than ever, our priority is to focus on meeting the needs of those all around us. Your financial gifts are more important than ever before. When you give, it’s not only impacting Real Life Church directly, but also beyond us through partner organizations like The Storehouse, Vine Maple Place, and more. Let’s maintain our generous spirit through and through, because as the dark comes, the light shines bright. The impact we’ve been able to have in our community would not be possible without your continued support. To submit your tithes and offerings online, visit, or use our APP! 

As we navigate these times, I’m confident that our brightest days are ahead. We’re going to see people connected to the realness of God like never before, and God is going to use you and I to do it! Tune into our Facebook page ( tonight at 5:30pm as we address this topic further. 

Standing with you in faith, 
Pastor Steve