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Guided Affirmations

In this time of unrest in our world, we are seeing more than ever people struggle with mental agility and spiritual transformation. 

To help address this, we have developed a tool that makes it easy for people to renew their mind. Pastor Steve has recorded a series of guided affirmations that can be used any time in your day to help you bring peace and truth to the center of your mind.

These recordings are both a spiritual practice and a personal growth tool that can be shared. It’s a way to be ministered to and a way to minister to others in specific areas of their lives. They are scripturally based in modern-day language. They are spoken in present tense language speaking those things that are not as though they are. These are meant to go into the subconscious mind to move you into a healthy spiritual way of thinking and living.

We encourage you to listen to these as you would a daily meditation practice. We believe the combined elements of meditation, prayer, and affirmation will cause lasting transformation in your life.