This year, we're partnering with our community in a new and unique way. We're one of several organizations / churches hosting a TRUNK-OR-TREAT. Ours will be from 6:00PM-8:00PM on Thursday, October 31st. This is a great option for families of kids of all ages to have a fun time, get some candy and play some fun games!


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We've got a few suggestions for you. You can also scroll below to see a few examples of what a good Trunk-or-Treat TRUNK looks like!

It's all about a THEME.

You might be a creative individual who brainstorms magnificent ideas of how you want to decorate your trunk and if so – go for it! If you have a hobby or passion, use that! Pinterest has lots of ideas if you’re looking for something new or different. Do keep in mind age and appropriateness of your theme.  If it is over the top or scary to you, chances are it will horrify a 5 year old.  :)


Think of how you can make the Trunk part of the display. If you have a superhero trunk, create a “super toss” where kids can toss rings around cans.

Here are some ideas that can make the trunk interactive:

-A challenge for candy

-A task to complete, dice to roll, or spin for how many pieces of candy

-Have kids do a funny dance

Wear the COSTUME

Find a way that you can be part of the Trunk or Treat! If the adults can wear a costume related to the trunk’s theme, that is perfect.  When adults show they are children at heart, it adds to the fun!

Be ready with your CANDY BOWL

You can provide your own individually wrapped store bought candy or request that the church provide some for you but have a bowl ready to be filled for candy hand out.


We will have prizes for: Best overall Trunk, Most original, and Most interactive. Trunk or Treat-ers will vote as they walk though.

Have FUN!

Thank you so much for making room in your trunk and in your life for our community!

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