In 1970, Pastor Richard Martin, along with Don Ostrom, pioneered Faith Tabernacle in the Meridian Grange hall, just a minute away from RLC's current location. Faith Tabernacle quickly began to grow and see a deep move of God throughout the 1970's and 80's, with thousands coming from all over King County to experience it. Pastor Martin served as senior pastor for almost 20 years before installing Kevin Holland as pastor in 1988. They later changed the name to Covington Christian Fellowship.

Real Life Church began in the home of Steve and Tina Murray, and officially launched on Mother's Day, 1998 at Tahoma Junior High. The church began to grow and quickly established a strong reputation within the community with programs like Oil Change Day and Maple Valley Days' Kidland. Over the years, RLC met in Tahoma Junior High, Tahoma High School and Kentlake High School.


On November 4th, 2012, Covington Christian Fellowship (formerly Faith Tabernacle) merged with Real Life Church, becoming one church, combining the reputation of RLC with the rich history of Faith Tabernacle. Since that day we've seen tremendous growth in our community with hundreds finding God, getting baptized and growing with one another.

2019 & BEYOND

Although we've seen God do things we had never imagined over the last several years, we know he's

just getting started. One thing that will stay the same is our mission to connect people to the realness of God.